We at SkinsForge are committed to storing your information securely and securely. Please read this privacy policy to understand your rights to this information, including how it is collected, stored, used and processed.

By giving you access to this site, we naturally collect information about you. The privacy policy describes what data we collect, how we store it, what information we use, with whom we can share it, and what steps we take to ensure that it remains confidential and secure.

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the SkinsForge Terms of Use posted on the Site. The rules and definitions to which the privacy policy refers are defined in the terms of use of the SkinsForge site.

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the SkinsForge Terms of Use posted on the Site. The rules and definitions to which the privacy policy refers are defined in the terms of use of the SkinsForge site.

If you agree to the privacy policy, click the appropriate button when prompted to do so.


2.1. The information we collect when you visit the site

When you visit the site, we collect information sent to us by your computer, mobile phone or other device. This information includes:

  • your IP address;
  • information about the device, including, but not limited to, the identifier, name and type of operating system;
  • Mobile network information;
  • Standard web information, such as the type of your browser and the pages you visit on our site.

We collect this information to:

  • manage our site, personalize it for you;
  • track and analyze trends, usage and activity associated with our site and services and provide third parties with aggregated and anonymous statistics about our users;
  • prevent, deter and investigate violations of this privacy policy and the rules of use of the site, as well as any fraud or other illegal activities.

When you visit the site or use our services, we may transfer small data files called cookies to your computer or other device. We use these technologies to recognize you as our user, customize your site and monitor your use of the site. This is described in more detail in section 3 of the privacy policy.

2.2. Information we collect when you use the site

When you log in to a site through your Steam account, in addition to the information that is collected when you visit the site, we also collect information from your Steam account, namely:

  • name;
  • e-mail;
  • a unique digital Steam identifier.

We collect this information to:

  • Verify your identity and your profile in the Steam community
  • manage the site and provide you with services;
  • access your Steam account information to provide you with services on the site;
  • personalize the site for you;
  • send you technical messages, as well as administrative, marketing and support messages;
  • inform you about products, services, promotions, events, news and other information that, in our opinion, will be of interest to you.

We will not pass on any of your Steam credentials to third parties.

2.3. The information we ask of you to complete transactions

In some cases, we may ask you to provide additional information about your identity when you want to make transactions on the site. We may ask you to provide some or all of the following information and documents to verify your identity for the purpose of your identification and appropriate transaction identification:

  • your name and surname;
  • date of birth;
  • phone number;
  • social network profile;
  • previous transaction or payment history;
  • any other information, including payment information, that may be necessary to complete the transaction;
  • a copy of your identity card with valid identification information about you;
  • your photo with an identity card in hand.

We collect this information to:

  • confirm your identity;
  • confirm that the transaction was actually performed by you;
  • adhere to international rules and methods of combating money laundering and customer identification rules;
  • prevent any fraud or illegal actions;
  • ensure the execution of the transaction;
  • comply with the requirements for personal identification set by payment operators;
  • manage our site and provide you with services.

We may use your personal information and other information collected to detect, investigate and prevent fraud and other illegal activities, to develop new products and services, and to verify compliance with the rules of use of the site.

If you do not provide us with any of the requested personal information, you may be unable to use the site properly.ohm.

We may deny you access to our services and site if we sincerely doubt the veracity or accuracy of the personal information you provide.

2.4. Location data

When you use a location-enabled device to access your site and services, we may collect geographic location data or use various location methods, such as information from your device's sensors that can provide data, for example, from nearby cell towers. communication or Wi-Fi hotspots.

2.5. To the attention of parents

We will not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under the age of 13. SkinsForge encourages parents to teach children never to share personal information online. Parents who are concerned about the transfer of personal information about their children can contact us through the contact form in the old link on our resource.

SECTION 3. cookies

We use cookies and other similar technologies (such as web beacons, flash cookies, etc.) (hereinafter simply "cookies") to improve your site experience. Cookies are small text files that are transmitted to your computer by the sites you visit. They are widely used to make sites work or be more efficient, as well as to provide better and more personalized services.

Cookies are permanent and session. Persistent cookies are a text file that a web server sends to a browser; the file will be stored in the browser and will remain valid until the specified expiration date (unless the user deletes it earlier). Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies expire at the end of a user session when the browser closes.

We use the following cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies. These are the cookies that are required for the site to work.
  • Analytical or working cookies. They allow us to recognize and count the number of users and see how users move around the site in the process of using it. This helps us to improve the site. We use Google Analytics, a web analytics tool that helps us understand how users interact with the site. Like many services, Google Analytics uses basic cookies (associated with the primary domain) to track user actions - as in our case, when cookies are used to collect information about how users use our site. The information collected may be provided in the form of reports to help us improve the site. Reports reflect site trends, but cannot identify individual visitors. You can opt out of using Google Analytics, and this will not affect how you visit our website. Detailed information on how to disable Google Analytics tracking on all the sites you visit - on this page.
  • Functional cookies. They are used to recognize you when you return to the site. This allows us to personalize the content for you (for example, remember which language you have chosen).

More information about cookies and how to manage them can be found at You can control the use of cookies in browser settings. If you reject or delete certain cookies, please note that this may impair the performance of related components and features of our site or services.


4.1 We may share your personal information in the following cases:

  • When it is necessary for the functioning of the site and services.
  • When it is necessary to perform your transactions on the site through our partner payment operators.
  • When we have a public or legal obligation to do so (for example, to help detect fraud, tax evasion, to prevent financial crimes, for regulatory reporting, litigation, or to protect legal rights and property, including our own) .
  • If we have asked you for permission to share your information and you have agreed.

4.2 We may share your personal data and information with the following parties:

  • With the companies with which we plan to merge or who are going to acquire our company (if this happens, we will notify you and will require that the new merged entity comply with these conditions regarding your personal data).
  • With law enforcement, government officials or other third parties, if we are forced to do so under a subpoena, court decision or similar court procedure; if we sincerely believe that the disclosure of personal data is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss; to report alleged illegal activity or to investigate violations of any of our policies.
  • With our suppliers and agents, including hosting providers we have hired to provide services, with game developers.
  • With payment operators (in order to perform your transactions when using the site).

4.3 Why we will not use your osoclear data:

  • We will not share your personal information with other users of the site or third parties other than those listed in this document without first notifying you.
  • We will not sell or rent your personal data to third parties other than those listed in this document without first notifying you.

4.4 Links to third-party sites and services:

Inbound and outbound links to the sites of our partner networks, game developers, advertisers, payment operators, etc. may appear on the site from time to time.

If you follow such links, please be aware that the sites and other services you link to may have their own privacy policies, and we have no responsibility or liability for these policies and for any information, including personal information, that may be collected through these sites and services, such as contact information or location information. Please read their privacy policies before submitting any information or personal information to these sites or services.

Our site may also contain the services of our partners, suppliers, game developers.

To provide you with services and (or) properly execute transactions on the Site when you use the Site, it may sometimes receive and (or collect) your personal information, such as your name (username, login), and (or ) your other identifiers from the services of our partners, suppliers or game developers. We will not pass this information on to other users of the site or third parties other than those listed in this document without first notifying you. Please note that these services may have their own privacy policy, and we have no responsibility or liability for this policy and for any information, including personal data, that may be collected through these services - such as contact or location information. Before using the services, read their privacy policy.

For proper execution of transactions, the user of the site may need to provide personal and payment data (such as name, address, copies of identity cards or other identification documents, proof of residence, credit card identification) to the relevant payment operator, as well as consent to process this data by payment services to perform the requested transactions. Please note that the relevant personal and payment data that you provide to third-party payment operators will be collected, stored and processed exclusively by the relevant payment operator, and this data is not covered by this privacy policy. Carefully read and follow the privacy policies of these payment operators.


To protect your information, we use security standards such as firewalls and data encryption, means of controlling physical access to our premises, and means of authorizing access to information. We also allow access to your information only to those employees or contractors who need it to perform their job or job responsibilities.

Keep in mind that the transmission of data or information over the Internet (including e-mail) or other public networks is not 100% secure. Please note that we are not responsible for the security of the data you transmit over the Internet.


We store and process your information through cloud services in various jurisdictions, including the United States. In this way, the information we collect from you may be transmitted and stored in various jurisdictions outside your country and in the European Economic Area (EEA). Laws on the processing of such information, including the cases in which such information is classified as personal data, may be less stringent in these places than in your country. This data may also be processed by employees outside your country or the EEA who work for us, our service providers or business partners. By providing your information, you consent to this transfer, storage and processing. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the secure processing of your information in accordance with this privacy policy.


You can access, view and edit your personal data at any time by contacting our support service. If your personal data changes, the support service may require you to provide supporting documents.

European users, in accordance with the applicable privacy laws, have the right to request from us detailed information about their personal data that we have, and in certain circumstances - to require us to delete their personal data.

To exercise the above rights, please contact us by email listed in the "Contacts" section of this privacy policy.

Request for access, viewing, providing information, change or deletion of personal data is usually processed within 72 hours of receipt. However, for technical reasons, delays are possible, and in this case we will process the request within a reasonable time.


We reserve the right to change and improve this Privacy Policy in our sole discretion. All changes can be seen in the "Update" field at the top of the page, so please check this section regularly.

If we make any material changes, we will post a new privacy policy on the site with a new effective date.


Intellectual Property Notice: This document belongs to the site owner and is protected by copyright laws. Its copying and (or) use by any third parties in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the site owner is strictly prohibited. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or want to exercise any of your rights described here, feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]